Hire Me. Let's Collaborate!!! 

Remember what I said on my homepage? "Together we are absolutely stronger!" 

Let's join forces! 

It's my dream to share the powerful practice of intenSati & yoga around the globe. If you think intenSati or yoga would be a perfect fit at your dance studio, summer camp, corporate retreat, resort & spa, boutique fitness center, gymnastics gym, all woman's empowerment workshop, charity, fundraiser, you name it-- I'm there! Give me a shout & we'll suss out all the details. 


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With Love & Gratitude 

  • My first intenSati Leader, Dyan Tsiumis                                 
  • Yoga studio where all this was made possible, Sacred Brooklyn
  • The photographers for this site, JC Dhien   
  • To Y-O-U for giving me another opportunity to share!