Episode 7: Stephanie Battle

stephanie battle pic.jpeg

This week Ashley talks with Director of Yoga Teacher Training at Sacred Brooklyn, former Sesame Street actress and Broadway’s Lion King zebra, Stephaine Battle. Stephanie shares her reaction after doctors told her she’d never dance again and tells the tale of her triumph as the underdog. Stephaine speaks on how that journey informed who she is today and how she came to be a yoga teacher. We’ve all got lots to learn from this yoga “G”. May this episode leave you charged!!! 


Episode 6: Marcy Currier aka Meta Marcy


This week Ashley talks with Marcy Currier aka Meta Marcy. Marcy is clairaudient, clairvoyant, profoundly empathic, can see and move energy, has mediumship abilities, can channel, can read minds, is a Certified Professional Tarot Reader, is a Certified Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master. Ashley asks questions like where do these “powers” come from? Do we all have access to these “powers” or is Marcy different from the rest of us? Marcy explains the Tarot and in a more human moment shares her experience raising a biracial son as a single-white mother. This episode answers a lot of questions but also leaves us with many new questions. Its a special episode that will, without a doubt, leave you charged! 

Episode 5: Robert Brace

robert brace.jpg

This week Ashley talks with fitness studio owner, retired dancer and minister, Robert Brace. Robert, a London native, shares his journey from north London to the Big Apple. Ashley questions his relationship with God, what spirituality and fitness have to do with each other and why men are less likely to show up in a group fitness class. Robert is a man of faith and passion with a strong desire for ultimate freedom. May this episode leave you as charged as it did us!