The 1 HOUR Plank


30 Days beginning October 1 

You are invited for the '1 HOUR PLANK'.

That's 2 minutes of plank everyday for 30 days.

You can hold plank for a whole 2 minutes or gradually work up to holding the 2 minutes by holding your plank in smaller intervals such as 4 sets at 30 seconds.

Throughout the month I will be sharing proper plank alignment and variations to make your plank more creative and perhaps more challenging.


Only 2 rules: 1) COMMIT and 2) SHARE 

COMMIT to participating in the #newsomechallenge every single day for the total 30 days and SHARE encouragement, photos, videos, your progress and your struggles on the Facebook group page. 


If you do not SHARE at least once-a-week you will be disabled from the the group. Being part of the group means exactly that. We're here to do this TOGETHER and we can't do it without you. SHARING is a gesture to show that we are all in this together.