Or, as I like to call them, Energy Exchanges!

Let’s help one another out! We’ve all got our strengths, and I like to be generous with mine. Below is a list of tasks I need done by someone with a different skillset. In exchange for your expertise and time, I’d like to give you the gift of my time and energy in the form of free classes, private training sessions, etc. Do you have a skill that I’m looking for? Take a look and apply below! I’ll get back to you if I think a trade of this kind makes sense.

ashley helper 2.JPG

Photographer for Event, April 21st

Are you a photographer? Have a nice camera and know how to use it? Meet me at Aspire 2 Dance at 1195 Bedford Ave. at 10am on 4/21 for our kickoff intenSati class, snap some photos of me teaching and of folks sweating their butts off, maybe edit a few. This will be good for 3 intenSati classes in exchange! Apply below.

ashley helper 4.JPG


Sometimes I teach special workshop classes around the city, and would love someone with a video camera who knows how to use it record my class. Good for one private training or yoga session with yours truly. Apply below!

ashley helper 3.JPG

PR Expert

Just another possible example…..